Tinting system

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The system Tinting ICORMIX® is a proposal colorimetric cutting edge, designed to meet the most complex requirements of retail outlets and professionals.
Applying the latest technology developed in the company for its own production I.CO.R., through a search based on the use of the spectrophotometer software supports the ADVANCED PROGRAM TINTING very sophisticated for the decomposition of color and dosage of concentrated pastes , goes on market with its proposal color with the aim to achieve the following objectives:
  • Products with an excellent level of coverage;
  • Good "value for money" in the realization of the colors;
  • Warranty for lack of problems in the application of products painted with the system ICORMIX®;
  • Wide range of possibilities for the realization of even the most vivid colors in outdoor feature within a reasonable time due to their composition with carefully selected pigments.

System Features

The dyes
The system is composed of 20 ICORMIX® tinting colorants for coloring exclusive of water based products. Of these 11 are based on pigments to provide good resistance in outdoor applications and high coverage. Subsequent 9, based on organic pigments, allow us to obtain the most wide color gamut obtainable for indoor applications.

Color collections


The careful choice in the type of dyes allows you to create all the colors present on color atlases more popular on the market, such as the folder, system-based NCS or RAL COLOURS 976 to experience all the excitement of color; made by dividing the colors according to the sensations that they are able to generate in those who choose them.

  Wad - GMCS ICORMIX® Exterior - Interior

The experience gained from the analysis of the constant demands of professionals and architecture, combined with a vision of the new trends in the field of color, made ??it possible to define the range of 660 colors for indoor and outdoor achievable with the system Tinting ICORMIX®.

  Wad SYSTEM CUSTOM ICORMIX® Exterior - Interior

The new range of colors designed and customized by I.CO.R. with the System ICORMIX® is the result of the need for new colors for the decoration of interiors and exteriors.
The 240 colors in this collection are resistant colors, and is designed to facilitate the choice of the end user in the range of colors.

The software

The program management ICORMIX® is installable in a Windows environment on a personal computer or handheld and is able to handle the equipment most widespread on the market in both electronic and manual operation. Can be interfaced with a spectrophotometer for reading the color and its formulation. The software also manages the maintenance of tinting machines such as calibration, recirculation colorants, purging, etc. . as well as the complete management of statistics on the consumption of bases, dyes, customer database. The whole thing can be remotely managed with personalized assistance.

Colouring pastes ICORMIX®

The colorants ICORMIX® are made according to existing regulations on VOC content updated to 2010 and are totally free of alkyl phenol. They do not contain aromatic solvents, glycols and harmful substances. They are compatible with conventional water-based products and are also suitable for dyeing lime products.



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  • Tinting System

    The system Tinting ICORMIX ® is a proposal colorimetric cutting edge, designed ...

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    Tinting System

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