Colorificio Icor


The I.CO.R. company in '80's changed the business name, but finds its roots in the '70s from an idea of ​​4 brothers founders, Rosolen.

The tradition of craftsmanship, quality of the products and attention to the welfare of the person are still values ​​that characterize the spirit of the company.

Colorificio Icor
The first headquater of Vigo was born in Capriccio (in the province of Padua), but with the entry in business of the second generation and the continuing needs to work in a modern and extremely versatile on different fronts, the production site is moved a short distance, via del Progresso always in Vigonza (Padua).

Over the years the evolution of the market has helped to complete the course of transforming the company, thanks to the continuing search for the finest raw materials and the greatest care in the formulation of innovative products, look to I.CO.R. is a reliable partner for its many loyal customers.