The I.CO.R. company thus defines the Mission:

Attempt with careful sensitivity and creativity customer needs through innovative technologies, aesthetically appealing and original.


  • Completeness of range: I.CO.R. has a wide range of products designed to solve all their needs in terms of protection and decoration of wood or masonry substrates. More than 30 years of experience ensures appropriate solutions for all market players of color and decoration.
  • Customer Service: Customer satisfaction is the first commitment for I.CO.R. This is demonstrated by the attention with the company follows the partners, providing valuable technical and commercial consultancy, ensuring timely and effective system of order processing, to ensure a careful, complete and full- scale.
  • Environment and health: I.CO.R. has always been sensitive to environmental protection and proved attentive to the health of users of the products. So it directed his research towards the formulation of products with low environmental impact and to the immediate substitution of raw materials classified as dangerous.

  • 1984 - 2014 thirty years we color your ideas

    New solutions for all types of siding, new ideas, new colors but always great ...

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    1984 - 2014 thirty years we color your ideas

  • Tinting System

    The system Tinting ICORMIX ® is a proposal colorimetric cutting edge, designed ...

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    Tinting System

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