The company I.CO.R. with the collaboration of the laboratory of GFC Chimica, nowadays one of the most advanced in Europe for research and development in the field of coating, for the realization of the analysis of data sheets, test reports, many of our products.

Colorificio Icor

GFC Chimica itself as a laboratory for the certification activities and characterization of coatings. It is also proposed for the development of the product to the specific needs of individual clients.

  • 1984 - 2014 thirty years we color your ideas

    New solutions for all types of siding, new ideas, new colors but always great ...

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    1984 - 2014 thirty years we color your ideas

  • Tinting System

    The system Tinting ICORMIX ® is a proposal colorimetric cutting edge, designed ...

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    Tinting System

colorificio icor